IT Strategy & Commitment Workshop with Vetropack IT Management Team

Dear Vetropack Team, 

Let's put first things first: THANKS for letting me contribute to your Commitment Workshop. It was a lot of fun and if you ask me: the results are amazing.

Now comes the even more difficult part: keep on going, keep on innovating and most importantly: stick to your commitments. 

I am looking forward to meeting you all again in the future and hear about your hard work, your dedication and of course, also about your steps back, failures and new tries. 

Never forget: Life is not about never falling down, it's about getting up once more than you fall down. 

All the best, stay hungry, stay foolish,


Also I don't want to miss the opportunity to provide you with a REALLY IMPORTANT LIST: 

Tomislav - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tamas - Woody Allen
Georg - Telly Savalas
Marcel - Tom Cruise
Rita - Jessica Alba
Oliver - Tom and/or Jerry... sensing some kind of schizophrenia here :-) 
Philipp - Josef Hader
Stefan - Bill Murray
Tihomir - Harrison Ford
Tomislav - we will see...  

Major Outcomes of the Workshop

Commitments & Tasks

  • Philipp until End of March / People Development, Soft Skills - Training Selection & Contact HR / End Q1
  • Georg / Product Ownership / Create a One Pager "Value & Purpose of the PO Role" + make a blueprint with the example "Marketing & Sales"/ End Q1
  • Tomislav Petek / Finalize the IT Requirements List & push out to all relevant Stakeholders / End Q1 
  • Tomislav Petek / Make a clear list of all services / End Q1
  • Tamas / Ensure that the Project Charter is mandatory & used for ALL IT Projects / End Q2
  • Tamas / Plan & conduct quarterly Projectmanagement-Meetings
  • Georg / Meet with Harold to organize future support and initiate Service Transition / February
  • Philipp / Prepare the Questionary List for Service Transitions / February
  • Tomislav Petrovic / One-pager (use-case) of EA to enable IT to use the knowledge base/ End Q1
  • Tomislav Petrovic/ Establish an agreed process that ensures that the knowledge base is/stays up to date
  • General Commitment on EA: The CoE (Center of Excellence) Meetings are planned, attended and executed efficiently and according to the agreed meeting culture

Meeting Culture Commitments

  • All Meetings have an agenda
  • All Meetings have Meeting Minutes (best case: available in OneNote)
  • Having the "correct people" (see Vetropack Code of Conduct) is in the responsibility of the organizer AND the invitee - choose your meetings wisely

As mentioned in our workshop, let me take the opportunity and add something that is really important to me personally: ALWAYS LEAD BY EXAMPLE. 

Other Information

As promised I list you some book-recommendations that fit quite well to your situation and development-goals: 

  • 7 Habits of highly effective people - Stephen R. Covey
  • The Infinite Game - Simon Sinek
  • The Phoenix Project - Gene Kim

Lastly, I noted some abbreviations during the two days that I wanted to share with you:

PMI - Post Merger Integration
OTOBOS - On Time On Budget On Scope
EOY/EOQ - End of Year, End of Quarter
BPD - Business Process Driver

Here you can find all Flipcharts we created together - if you can't remember the password write a quick mail to