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Brains, Heart & Humor

Leadership and management are critical aspects of today's world, yet they are often approached with unwarranted severity. The intelligence of individuals varies greatly, but even more interesting are the different types of intelligence. There's a stark difference between common sense and theoretical understanding. Many employees have shared that their CEO or CXO is highly intelligent, but lack emotional intelligence or have a grumpy demeanor.

At the heart of the matter is the need for empathy and emotional intelligence in the business world. To have a heart doesn't mean granting every wish of an employee, but being a good listener can open doors to new perspectives and possibilities. The principle of "think win-win" is an effective approach.

Humor is a delicate balance of what's acceptable and morally just. It's important to have good taste and not intend to hurt or discriminate. Humor creates a shared experience and can sensitize, but it should be followed by seriousness.

Leadership is challenging, but with a combination of intellect, heart, and humor, we can work towards success.